about hatton textiles

Hatton Textiles have been designing and delivering high quality towels for nearly 40 years.


We are the undisputed leader in golf towel suppliers and pioneers of the original (and still the best) official golf towel. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality workmanship at every stage of the production process.

The business continues to grow and expand but we always remain true to our values and ethos. Our brand values are upheld in all projects and we always deliver on every individual brands promise.


Hatton Textiles are proud to have worked with numerous, world-famous names. From Europe and North America to Australia, Japan and Hong Kong, we sell globally!


We abide by strict production policies, have approved certifications and rigid quality control processes.

A favourite amongst golfers, chances are, wherever the game is played you’ll find a Hatton Textiles towel on someone’s bag.


Our belief in looking after the planet on which we live has always been paramount to our decisions on who we choose to work with, how we work with them and our transportation policies. Going forward we are embracing new technologies, fabrics and manufacturing processes to further reduce our impact on our most important resource—the Earth.

We are proud to be working with: